Stump Grinding

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Tree stumps can often create a variety of problems for both residential and commercial property owners if they are ignored or forgotten. Unsightly tree stumps can be an eyesore that negatively impacts your curb appeal and may even detract from your property value depending on the severity of the stump. More importantly, tree stumps and sprawling roots can create a tripping hazard or destroy the blades of your lawn mower. When it comes to grinding and removing unwanted tree stumps, McGuires Stump Grinding has the equipment and the expertise to safely handle any job.

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Root Pruning

Tree stumps can also have a large network of underground roots that cause as many problems as the stump itself.

At McGuires Stump Grinding, our expert onsite teams can carefully grind unwanted roots without damaging your property or ruining your landscaping. When you hire us for your next job, we’ll grind the stump, roots and all, to prevent the tree from ever growing back, and we’ll leave your surrounding lawn neat and undisturbed.

Stump Grinding Pricing

Stump grinding is generally priced at $4 per inch for residential and commercial properties, though height, embedded items (rock/metal) and sprawling root flares can impact your estimate and the overall price as well. $85 Minimum

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